Hello,  my name is  Nikki Rupu.  I am the STEAM Integration Specialist at Centerville Elementary. Welcome to my STEAM website. I am so thrilled to be returning to the Beverly Public School District where I completed my teaching internship.  After I graduated from Lesley University  I taught Instructional Technology in Lawrence and Cambridge Public School Districts before returning to Centerville Elementary in 2012.

I am excited and grateful to be teaching and working with so many amazing educators, administrators, students and parents. I strive to develop skills in our students that prepare them to be socially responsible, globally aware and locally engaged. I enjoy implementing Project Based Learning  because it allows our students to think creatively and it also gives them opportunities to  problem solve, communicate, think critically and work in teams.  I  especially enjoy projects where I can encourage our students to engage in local issues of sustainability and environmental well-being which I am passionate about.  I am looking forward to a great school year filled with many opportunities to grow and learn. Cheers to an amazing STEAM year !!!


What is STEAM?

Originally starting as Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math—the STEM subjects, Art has joined the movement transforming STEM into STEAM. The A includes a broad spectrum of arts extending beyond aesthetics; it includes liberal arts, formally folding in Language Arts, Social Studies, Physical Arts, Fine Arts and Music.